Francisco de Pajaro – Art is Trash

photo (16)

I became aware of Francisco de Pajaro one day on Twitter, trawling through the endless posts until I reached one on Guardian Art & Design which caught my eye:

photo (18)

That very same morning, I had seen my own ‘Art is Trash’ sculpture on a street near my house. It was a fridge with a dog drawn on one side and a lead which trailed up the fridge over the top and round the other side and connected to the ‘Art is Trash’ tagline. It seemed a bit odd so I took a photo, and then of course discovered it’s value. This then lead me to endlessly follow posts and articles about Francisco de Pajaro. Some of the other photos I found of his work were fascinating. I wondered how long it took him to complete the works and whether he actually found stuff on the streets or placed it there himself. If he found it, whose was it and did he not wonder whether it truly was disguarded, lying on the street…

photo (17)

Earlier this week, I was on West Green Road, just off Turnpike Lane, and found yet another piece of rubbish in the street with a little doodle of a creature on holding a balloon which had the tagline inside. I started to feel like I was part of Francisco’s experiment; like I was part of him game. This one was in plain site on a busy street. I started looking for more and more pieces – looking carefully at any abandoned rubbish in the streets. I wondered how he had time to do this and whether he had to do it at night to avoid being seen.

photo (15)

I was running around the residential area behind Harringey Green Lanes last night when I found this piece – what looks like a monkey behind a bit a glass with his arms in the air. Up until this point, I’d only seen items of unwanted kitchen goods with painted things on. I felt like I really hit the mother load with this one. It was just like his others – colourful, using duct tape and interacting with other items around (in this case, the wall).

I think I may have become a bit obsessed with spotting these things. I like to think he’s leaving them there for me, in my neighbourhood. It’s like a treasure hunt and I am the one finding the treasures, which keep getting better and better. Perhaps one day I’ll catch him in the act and I can finally meet the man behind the art.

You can find more work by Francisco de Pajaro here:


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