My Concept of Time

It’s Monday morning again
It’s Thursday afternoon.
It’s my 23rd birthday.
But it was Friday when I woke up this morning.
I have to put the washing on later.
It’s Thursday again
And I am 27.
Wait for me.
I got you that scarf you wanted for Christmas.
Yesterday was Friday and it was snowing all day.
Today is Wednesday, I think.
The whole office are on summer vacation. It’s mid-July.
It’s Sunday tomorrow and we are going to the wedding
I am 32.
In two weeks time it will be October again.
I am 39 and ready I start my life.
What have I been doing all this time.
Wait for me.
It’s gone.
I am 56 and my son is graduating on Thursday.
I blinked.
It’s Sunday.
But wait.
I’ll tend to the garden and you can cook for the grandkids.
It’s warm in September this time.
Today is Monday.
It’s my 70th birthday and you’re all here.
Tomorrow is Sunday. I need to put the dustbins out.
No, it’s Thursday.
It’s Thursday afternoon and I am 25



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