The man sat there, astounded.
“But it didn’t even make a sound!”
The small cube in front of him was emitting a white light which bounced off his big glassy eyes. He sat there, gleefully, revelling in his own power. He had finally created this object of beauty.
He was the master of it.
It sparkled and it churned. Light poured out from every crack. It was everything he had ever wanted and more.
With barely a sound, suddenly the cube shut down. The light stopped emitting and the man was plunged into darkness. Frustrated, he stood up from his chair and stooped over the cube to examine it. He prodded it, still hunched over. How could it be broken already? He had spent years fine-tuning each circuit and current. He had laboured endlessly. He had broken the law.
There was a faint buzzing coming from within it. It grew fainter and fainter still until it was silent.
He leaned into it.
With an enormous serge of power and light, the cube opened up and engulfed the man. He was transported into a different place, but how or by what he did not know. With no physical body now, his mind existed in an endless and vast dark space. He could feel nothing. He was in limbo. The darkness continued perpetually. He was not sure how long this went on for. Time did not seem to exist. There was no linear occurrence. Each time he tried desperately to recollect his past life, it became a blur and he had no memory. He waded through the relentless fog of his mind. How had he come to deserve to exist in this way? What had he done to place him in this hell? These questions the man pondered over and over for eternity and beyond in total darkness.
This was his eternal return.

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