He unbuttoned the top button of my shirt and pushed me down into the seat of the chair. I didn’t know what was about to happen. I didn’t care. Categorically speaking I was a non-mover. Perhaps I mean in terms of where I was going in my life, but more likely I mean physically at that moment. In that moment, when he looked me directly in the eyes, he glared into my increasingly small yet almond-shaped eyes, and he said, “you are like no one I’ve ever met before”. Immediately, and without true consent from the reasonable-side of my brain, I calmly said, “you are like every other person on the planet and this is why I feel safe with you”. There was no show to put on. No Facade. It felt empty. I had come looking for him, and this emptiness meant he was now looking for me. I tried not to think too much about this sunken feeling and how ordinary he was as he undid the rest of the buttons on my shirt.


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